App Basics

Can I work for a Requestor as an employee?

Wonolo connects independent contractors (Wonoloers) with temporary job opportunities posted by businesses (Requestors).

We love when Wonoloers who are interested in employment can obtain it from the businesses we partner with.

Providing contractual services to a business that you have found via the Wonolo app does not indicate or guarantee that you will be offered employment at that company. Each business follows its own process regarding how and when to hire employees.
Here’s how to look into obtaining employment with a company:

  • Make a great impression on the job and get added to a Preferred team
  • Ask a hiring manager or Human Resources team member if the business is hiring employees, and what processes to follow to apply for employment
  • Search online job boards or corporate websites for open employment positions
  • Submit a job application or resume online, via the company’s website
  • Consider scheduling an appointment or interview through the appropriate corporate channels

Keep in mind, not all Requestors will be willing or prepared to discuss career opportunities during or after a Wonolo job. Please be respectful of the Requestors’ time, and mindful of any onsite protocols for applying for employment.

In the event that a Requestor hires a Wonoloer as an employee, the Wonoloer may be eligible to receive a hiring bonus. Just reach out to let us know or report your new employment through the Wonoloer Hub by select Hiring Bonuses.

As of August 15th, 2020, Wonoloers hired as employees in California will no longer be eligible for the hiring bonus.

How do I become a Preferred Wonoloer?

Requestors are often looking to invite the best Wonoloers back for more and more jobs. If you’re a great fit for the job, the Requestor can do that by adding you to their Preferred team. When a Requestor adds you to their Preferred team, you’ll gain early access to future jobs posted by that Requestor.

Make sure you keep your notifications on. By being on a Requestor’s Preferred team, you’ll get notified about their new jobs first, so you can quickly accept them. However, jobs will still open up to the rest of the community if they’re not taken within a few hours.

Keep in mind, some businesses on Wonolo may have multiple Requestors posting jobs and each one has a separate Preferred team.

We typically see Wonoloers get added to Preferred teams when they are a great fit for the role and they follow the 5Ps:

What are the basics?

At Wonolo, we use lingo and phrases to describe our platform, policies, and benefits. Read on for some terms that are important to understand since you'll encounter them during your time with Wonolo. The more you know about Wonolo, the more you can get out of it.
Who uses Wonolo?
A Wonoloer is anyone who accepts and works jobs on the Wonolo platform. A Wonoloer that has done such great work that Requestors want them back for more and more shifts, is a Preferred Wonoloer. A Preferred Wonoloer gets early access to any future jobs posted by that Requestor.

A Requestor is someone posts jobs on the Wonolo app for their company, usually the shift supervisor. Some jobs posted on the Wonolo app have shifts that span multiple days, multi-day jobs. In order to accept and work these jobs, Wonoloers must be able to work all of the shifts listed.

Some jobs require you to complete a paid Tryout on-site to be best prepared for future jobs with that Requestor. By successfully completing a Tryout you earn that company’s badge and unlock future jobs with that Requestor.
What are badges? Wonolo badges allow Wonoloers to show off their knowledge and skills to Requestors. Some badges help you unlock more jobs, while other badges are for bragging rights. For a full list of badges you can earn, check out the Wonolo Badge Library.
What are the 5Ps of Wonolo? The most successful Wonoloers are those that display these characteristics while working a Wonolo job: Professional, Prepared, Positive, Polite, and Punctual. Being a top Wonoloer opens up more job opportunities and chances to earn more on the Wonolo app!
What is a Breach of Contract? Our Breach Policy exists in order to make sure that we can provide the best opportunities for Wonoloers and the right level of service for Requestors. Receiving a breach point will limit your account access.

If a Wonoloer accepts a job and can no longer work, they must withdraw from the shift at least 12 hours before the job start time. Late withdrawals result in one Breach Point.

A no-show, not working or failing to withdraw from an accepted job, leads to permanent suspension from the Wonolo platform.

We recommend that you get familiar with our Breach Policy to avoid issues that could impact your account.
What perks does Wonolo offer? A wide range of benefits, perks, and programs are available to Wonoloers in the Wonoloer Hub. You can connect with other Wonoloers in your community, compete to make it onto the Leaderboard, or learn about current Wonolo news.

Wonolo Up offers perks and benefits available to Wonoloers no matter who you work for. From daily discounts on auto and phone services, dental coverage, and tax prep assistance, there is a benefit that can help any Wonoloer.

How do I turn on my notifications for job alerts?

Jobs are added every day, but they fill quickly. Turn on your push notifications from your app, so you never miss an opportunity! Read on if you need more help turning on your notifications.

On your Android:

  • Go to your phone’s Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Select the Wonolo app
  • Ensure that Show notifications is checked
  • Return to main Settings page
  • Select Location and make sure that Location Services are switched ON
  • Return to main Settings page
  • Select Apps
  • Scroll down to Wonolo
  • Select Precise location (GPS and network based) on Permissions list
On your iPhone:
  1. Go to your phone’s Settings
  2. Select Privacy
  3. Select Location Services and make sure it is turned on
  4. Scroll down to find the Wonolo app
  5. Set Allow location? access to Always
  6. Return to main Settings page
  7. Select Notifications
  8. Scroll down to Wonolo
  9. Turn on Allow Notifications, Sounds, Badges
  10. Finally, choose either Lock Screen, Notification Center, or Banners under Alerts

How have ratings and breaches recently changed?

We are excited to announce a few updates to Wonolo to improve your experience. These updates were driven by Wonoloer feedback collected from support tickets, surveys, and interviews.

One of our main goals with these changes is to create a more accurate and fair rating system, one based more on what is in your control (being on time and preventing no-shows & late withdrawals), rather than Requestor ratings, which are more subjective.

These changes launched on May 20th, 2020.
Breach Policy Our breach policy has been updated to be more fair to Wonoloers and easier to understand:

  • Wonoloers no longer receive Breach Points for low star ratings
  • Wonoloers no longer receive Breach Points for early withdrawals (12+ hours before a job starts)

Reliability Stats Wonolo is phasing out the 5-star rating system, which is how Requestors have traditionally provided feedback on Wonoloers. Starting May 20th, some Wonoloers will begin seeing Reliability Stats instead of 5-Star ratings on their profile:

It’s worth noting that:
  • We are testing this feature and will be rolling it out to more Wonoloers over time, so it’s ok if you don’t see it at first
  • For now, these stats will only be shown on your personal profile

Achievement Badges Since the Achievement Badge program is tied to the 5-star rating system, we are no longer issuing Gold, Silver or Bronze Achievement badges:
  • Wonoloers who have earned Gold Badges will have their 3% extra pay grandfathered in, as long as they work at least 1 job a month
  • For everyone else, we will be launching a new program in early June tied to skill certification and increased earning potential
We are exceptionally grateful for the Wonoloer community and the feedback we’ve received to help inform these changes. Please keep an eye out for upcoming updates as we continue to work hard on improving how Wonolo works for Wonoloers.

Do breach points expire?

Breach points are only counted if you incurred them within the last 30 days. After 30 days, breach points effectively expire.

You can incur a breach point from a withdrawal within 12 hours of the start time or by asking the Requestor to cancel the job for you. That breach point on your account expires 30 days after it was received.

For example, let's say on April 3rd, you received your first breach point. On April 17th, you received another breach point. At this point, there are now 2 breaches on your account. Assuming you don’t incur an additional one, your first breach point will expire on May 3rd. Now, there is just one breach on your account. On May 17th, your second breach will also expire which will bring you down to 0 breaches.

Don't let breach points pile up. Remember, receiving 3 breaches on your account in a span of 30 days will result in a permanent limited view of jobs and removal from all accepted jobs. Learn more in our overview of the Breach of Contract policy.

What is a Breach of Contract?

Our Breach Policy exists in order to make sure that we can provide the best opportunities for Wonoloers and the right level of service for businesses.

If you receive a breach point, you’ll be cancelled from any upcoming jobs, as well as:

  • First Breach = 3-day limited view of jobs
  • Second Breach = 7-day limited view of jobs
  • Third Breach = Permanent limited view of jobs
Here's how breaches are incurred:
  • 1 Breach point = Withdrawing from a job within 12 hours of the start time
  • 1 Breach point = Asking the Requestor to cancel the job for you
  • 3 Breach points = Any no-show/cancellation after the start time
We know that life sometimes gets in the way of work, and we don’t want late withdrawals to hold you back for long. That’s why we only count Breach points that you’ve incurred in the last 30 days. After 30 days, breach points expire.

If you can’t make it to a job that you’ve accepted, please withdraw on the app as soon as possible. That way, you don’t get marked as a no-show, which automatically counts as 3 breach points (permanent limited view of jobs). Withdrawing allows us to open up your slot to another Wonoloer in your community.