What does Wonolo's Occupational Accident Insurance policy cover for Wonoloers?

All jobs conducted through Wonolo require that the Wonoloer is covered by Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI). This insurance covers medical expenses, lost compensation, and benefits related to accidental injuries that occur during the course of an accepted job through the Wonolo App.

OAI is industry-standard insurance used by contractors across the United States. OAI provides occupational accident benefits for independent contractors. The key difference is that Worker’s Compensation can only be attached to an employer, while OAI can be purchased by and attached to an independent contractor.

Wonoloers are responsible for reporting any incidents and submitting claims. Wonolo asks that Requestors also submit any incidents within 5 days of the job completion date.

Wonoloers can only accept positions you post on the Wonolo App when they have OAI that includes coverage for the following:

Accident Medical Expense

● $1,000,000 maximum benefit as per policy schedule per person/accident
● Up to 104 weeks payment period limits of insurance
● $1,000 dental benefit maximum

How do I file a complaint or report potential misconduct or mistreatment?

All participants in Wonolo’s community must abide by Wonolo’s User Equality Policy.

Your safety is our highest priority. If you have experienced an unsafe or uncomfortable situation with another Wonoloer, or a Requestor’s employee, representative, or client, please notify an on-site contact and our team immediately.

Wonolo reserves the right to terminate any Wonoloer or Requestor who has allegedly engaged in unsafe or unwarranted behavior, per the Terms of Use.

Wonoloers may request to receive codes of conduct or information on anti-sexual harassment training, workplace relationships, and/or acceptable behavior from a Human Resources professional or an on-site contact at each job site where the Wonoloer contracts.

What should I do if I get into a car accident during my job?

If you get into a car accident during your job, please first determine if immediate medical attention or police assistance is needed. If so, contact 911 right away.

Here’s what you might want to do next:
Locate the insurance information for the vehicle
Exchange the vehicle owner’s insurance information and contact information with the other driver Take extensive photos of all vehicles, damage, and the location of the accident Submit the date, time, and street address of the accident, the other driver’s insurance details and contact information, photos, and a summary of any damage to the primary insurance carrier for the vehicle Await medical or police assistance, where needed Operating a Personally-owned Vehicle Wonolo does not offer vehicle insurance coverage to Wonoloers.

Please contact your vehicle insurance carrier and/or local body shop for further assistance.

If you have a transportation issue, such as a car accident, before the job, make sure to withdraw from the job as soon as you can.
Operating a Vehicle Owned by a Requestor or Client Wonolo does not offer vehicle insurance coverage for vehicles owned by Requestors.

Please locate the Requestor’s vehicle insurance information inside the vehicle. Contact the Requestor as soon as possible, to provide the details of the accident and photos of any damage. Together, determine if the vehicle needs to be provided back to the Requestor or to a local body shop for repairs.
What to Do Next Please also notify our team within 24 hours of the accident.

A Support agent will send you Occupational Accident Insurance information and ensure that your rating and pay are finalized for your job.

In the following weeks, an insurance adjuster may contact you to obtain additional details about the accident, in order to reach a coverage decision.