Earning Badges

Why should I earn badges?

Wonolo badges empower you to show off your knowledge and skills to Requestors. Some Wonolo jobs may require specific badges in order to accept them. Some badges help you unlock more jobs, other badges are for bragging rights. Earn badges to make your Wonolo profile stand out from the rest!

For a full list of badges you can earn, check out the Wonolo Badge Library.

You can see badges you have already earned at any time at the bottom of your Profile, while logged into the app.

If a badge is needed to unlock a particular job, you'll be shown how to earn it when you try to accept that job. Here are some of our most earned badges that Wonoloers get to unlock certain jobs:

Workplace Hygiene Badge

By earning the Workplace Hygiene badge, you learn about identifying the symptoms of COVID-19 and the best practices for promoting your health and that of the Wonolo community.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Badge

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are a series of general principles to be observed during manufacturing. Manufacturing companies use them to guarantee the quality of their products. Earning the GMP Badge if required for certain food handling jobs.

How can I earn a badge for a specific company?

Some businesses on Wonolo post jobs where you’ll need to show that you are familiar with the work environment or have the skills or experience needed to be successful on the job. To accept these jobs, you’ll first need to get that company’s badge on your Wonolo profile.

Once you earn a company’s badge, you’ll unlock all future jobs posted by that business, as long as those jobs also require the same badge. In some cases, you may need multiple badges to show the Requestor that you're prepared to tackle the job duties.

You can earn these badges a few different ways, including on the app or through a Tryout. The best place to start is by carefully reading the job description.
Earn It on the App
When a Requestor’s jobs require you to have their company’s badge, you’ll see it listed in the job description’s Required Badges section. If the job is a good fit but you don’t yet have the badge, review the full description, then scroll down and click Accept.

You’ll be shown a pop-up telling you which badge you’ll need and a link to get it. It varies by Requestor, but you may need to watch a video, complete an assessment, review safety guidelines etc. Once you have the badge, you can come back to the job to finish accepting it.

You might also see an alert on your app’s home screen when a new business starts posting jobs in your area with a badge requirement.
Attend a Tryout or In-person Orientation Some jobs require you to complete a Tryout on-site to be best prepared for future jobs with that Requestor. Tryouts are paid, and can be accepted the same way as standard jobs on the app.

Successfully completing a Tryout grants you that company’s badge on your Wonolo profile and unlocks future jobs with that Requestor. If no Tryouts are currently available for a particular company, keep an eye out for the next time the Requestor schedules one.
Visit the Badge Library Wonolo’s Badge Library can be accessed on the Wonolo app through the Wonoloer Hub. Our Badge Library features the most popular and in-demand badges and explains how you can proactively obtain them. Check the Badge Library periodically for new badges that you can add to your Wonolo profile.