Starting & Completing Jobs

How do I contact the Requestor during my job?

Once you accept a job, you can contact the Requestor for that job through Wonolo's in-app messaging up until the job has been approved.

Before the job starts, make sure you’re prepared by reviewing the full description of the job and by planning your commute. If you still have questions about the job or need to update the Requestor while you’re on the way there, use our in-app messaging.
Here’s how to contact a Requestor:
Open your menu on the Wonolo app Select My Jobs Find the job you are trying to reach out for View more options by clicking the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner Select Message Write your message to the Requestor, then send

Remember, if you are not able to make it to a job you accepted, make sure to withdraw from it. You cannot use in-app messaging to ask a Requestor to cancel a job for you. Doing so will result in your account incurring 1 breach point, following our Breach of Contract policy.

What should I do if a Requestor ended my job early?

Requestors’ staffing needs occasionally change due to unforeseen circumstances. Requestors may also end a Wonoloer’s job if productivity or behavioral issues arise.

Here’s what to do if your job ends early:
Finish the task you are currently working on, if allowed to remain on the business’s premises
Collect your personal belongings Arrange transportation home Promptly and quietly depart the premises without disrupting the work environment Contact Wonolo Support to report the end of your job and to ensure your pay is processed based on the hours you worked
Please refrain from contacting the Requestor about the end of your job, pay, or access to jobs.

If you have any questions or concerns about the end of your job, please reach out to our team.