Payment Issues

Why is my payment missing or delayed?

Payments typically take 1-5 business days from when a job is completed to reflect on your account. While our goal is to get you paid as quickly as possible, there are some uncommon situations where a payment may be delayed or adjusted.

Keep in mind, payments from Wonolo are sent as ACH transfers (direct deposit) and may need additional processing time once your bank receives the funds.

If your payment is taking longer than 1-5 business days, or if you have a different payment issue, please reach out to the Wonoloer Support team. We’ll look into the situation and do everything we can to quickly get your payment to you.
When you reach out, please confirm these job details:
Name of the company Name of the Requestor or any company contact Date and time of job Hours worked Expected pay amount If this is your first job or if you've recently changed your payment method, please double-check that your payment information has been added and verified through the Wonolo app.

Why did my payment fail?

There are a few possible reasons why a payment might fail. If you are alerted that one of your payments failed, it likely means you need to reach out to your bank or update your payment information on Wonolo.

If there is an error with your payment, you’ll receive a Pay Out Error or Payment Processing Error alert in the app on your home screen with instructions on what to do next. If you are unable to resolve the issue, contact the Support Team for further help.

Listed below are common issues related to a failed payment and what you can do to resolve each issue.
Invalid Account Number
Receiving an invalid account number message means that there is an error in the checking account number entered.

You will need to update your checking account number in the Wonolo App.
Debit Not Authorized This means we are unable to make negative transfers against your account.

To fix this, contact your bank to resolve the issue. Once the issue is resolved contact us to reprocess your payment.
Bank Account Restricted Your bank account has restrictions on either the type or number of transfers allowed, indicating that you are using a non-checking account.

You will need to update your checking account number in the Wonolo App. If you are using a checking account, contact your bank to resolve the issue. Once the issue is resolved contact us to reprocess your payment.
Account Closed Your bank informed us that the account associated with your bank account details was closed.

You will need to update your banking information in the Wonolo app.
No Account No bank account could be found with the details that you entered, this can be a result of a misentered routing number or account number.

You will need to update your banking information in the Wonolo app.
Account Frozen Your bank notified us that the funds in your account are currently frozen.

Contact your bank to resolve the issue. Once they unfreeze your account, contact us and we will reprocess your payment.
Bank Ownership Changed Your bank’s branch was bought by another bank, and as a result, your account information, such as your routing number, has changed.

You will need to update your banking information in the Wonolo app.
Invalid Currency Your bank is not set up to process transfers in the given currency.

You will need to update your banking information in the Wonolo app. You can also contact your bank to resolve the issue, once the issue has been resolved contact us to reprocess your payment.
Could Not Process This means something unexpected went wrong and your bank was unable to process the transfer from our payment provider.

To fix this, contact us through the Customer Support form or contact your bank to resolve the issue.

How do I report that I was potentially overpaid or underpaid?

If you are concerned about a recent adjustment to your pay, please immediately notify Wonolo Support.

Here’s what to provide to our team when you reach out:
Your full name
The email address associated to your Wonolo account The last four digits of your Social Security Number A screenshot of the Pay tab within the Wonolo app A screenshot of the Job Description, which includes the posted pay or adjusted pay Screenshots of any email or text discussion about a pay rate A brief summary of the overpayment or underpayment concern
Where possible, our Support Team will reach out to the Requestor to verify the essential duties of the job, actual duration of the job, the posted pay rate, and any adjusted rates or verbal agreements made regarding pay.

Please note, all Wonoloer pay will be evaluated against city and state minimum wage laws and will be subject to the Insurance Safety Fee (if applicable) and limitations or reductions set forth in the Terms of Use.

Why was my payment adjusted?

Receiving an unanticipated payment amount may be a result of a negative balance on your account. A negative balance, or overpayment, occurs when the posted pay amount is processed prior to the Requestor making adjustments based on the work performed. Requestor adjustments are either an addition or deduction to the posted pay, typically based on hours actually worked.

A negative balance due to overpayment is the same as the adjustment amount. A 20% deduction will automatically be made to successive job payments until the outstanding amount is zeroed out.

You can view a breakdown of your outstanding negative balance through the Pay tab in the app.

Payment adjustments typically occur due to further information about the actual hours worked. Wonolo values hard work and wants you to get paid fast. To do this, we work to help Wonoloers receive payments quickly and allow some adjustments to be made after the pay has been processed.
Here’s what some of the payment terms mean:
Original Pay - Pay amount visible in the job description prior to accepting a job Bonus Pay - Bonus/incentive pay added on top of the original pay Reimbursement Amount - Reimbursements offered by the Requestor including tips, additional incentives, or reimbursements for toll fees, as specifically described in the job description Trust and Safety Fee - Fee counts towards Occupational Accident Insurance and is calculated based on the entire posted job duration Sub-Total - Payment that is processed before the Requestor makes adjustments Adjusted Balance Payment - Payment adjusted due to overpayment from previous jobs Total Payment - Payment amount that includes Requestor adjustments

How do I verify my payment information?

If you’re experiencing a delay receiving your payment, you may be required to verify your identity by uploading a copy of your valid legal ID through the Wonolo App. After your account has been verified, your payments will be processed.

If you see the below Pay Out Error alert on your home page, click on Verify Now and follow the prompts.

When uploading your ID, please follow these guidelines to make sure it is accepted to avoid further delays.

Here are accepted forms of ID you can upload:
Driver’s License
State Identification Card Permanent Resident Card Passport
Some tips for successful verifications:
The photo must be high quality and clear No blurry photos All four corners of your ID should be within frame and all text must be legible