What is Wonolo’s policy around quarantine pay?

As a Wonoloer, if you get diagnosed with COVID-19 and/or are ordered to individually quarantine by a recognized public health authority due to your risk of spreading COVID-19, Wonolo will provide financial assistance for up to 14 days while your Wonolo account is on hold. This financial assistance will be based on your average daily earnings over the 30 days prior to the diagnosis date. In order to ensure we can provide support to those who need it the most, we’ll provide financial assistance to you if any of the following happen: You have an active case of COVID-19; or You were individually ordered to a mandatory self-quarantine because you’re suspected to have an active case of COVID-19; or You were individually ordered to a mandatory self-quarantine because you have pre-existing health conditions that put you at higher risk of serious illness due to COVID-19 To learn more, review Wonolo’s full Quarantine Pay policy.

What is Wonolo doing in response to coronavirus?

Our COVID-19 resource page covers the programs Wonolo has implemented in response to coronavirus, including details on our Quarantine Pay program. We are actively monitoring the situation and will take additional measures as needed.

What is Wonolo's policy surrounding illness?

Please withdraw from jobs that may be affected by your illness and submit a support ticket noting your are ill. We will excuse most early or late withdrawals related to your illness or caring for loved ones. Please note that no-shows will not be excused for any reason.

Where can I find symptom and prevention information?

Coronavirus Summary | Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
COVID-19 Outbreak | World Health Organization (WHO)
Do you recommend any additional resources?
Gig Workers' Collective COVID-19 page provides helpful resources at both the national and state levels. They note that “many programs require a short application process, and it is key to do this now before the process is backlogged. You have some options if you're in need of food, help paying rent, your bills etc.”
Gig Workers Rising also has a page dedicated to coronavirus resources with tips on staying healthy depending on the kind of work you’re doing, plus how to best access medical care and applying for benefits.

What is the Healthy Workplace Hygiene badge?

The Healthy Workplace Hygiene Badge contains vital information from the Center for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) for identifying symptoms and reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

To maximize the safety of you and the Wonolo community, this badge is required for accepting new Wonolo jobs during this time.