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Business Solutions 

Solutions designed to improve efficiency while identifying and mitigating risk.  

Have a need to streamline processes without increasing your risk profile?

Our platform continues to help businesses realize greater efficiencies in onboarding, verification, and compliance coupled with a reduction in risk. 

By The Numbers


Overall Cost Reduction 

Reduced Time To Earn

Reduced Screening Time

Why Pruuvn BTS?



The Pruuvn™ platform increases efficiency in both on-boarding cost and time. Reducing the on-boarding cost on average by 30% and reducing time to earn by 75% for candidates and businesses, while also providing businesses with a marketplace of vetted candidates.

A modular design allows for the Pruuvn™ BTS to accommodate individual needs of the business. Custom workflows for on-boarding, data collection, and monitoring is easy utilizing the Pruuvn™ modular design



The platform was designed to assist businesses in implementing compliance measures to verify and monitor various credentials, whether it’s for candidates, employees, networks, or service providers. The platform also puts full data control in the owners’ hands, allowing them to share on-demand, securely and privately to obtain employment, services and or products.

Our system was designed with scalability in mind. The underlying technology and infrastructure can accommodate any size client dynamically. There is no client too big or too small that the system cannot accommodate.  

Future - Proof

The Pruuvn™ platform is built on the latest in open-source technology. We designed the system to ensure interoperability and flexibility to keep up with the fast-paced changes in standards and regulations. This ensures our customers are always using the latest technology and meets the latest regulations.