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Whether you are an individual, business, non-profit, or government agency be reassured of that relationship by asking for a Pruuvn I.D.
Our solutions offer a comprehensive view into credentials and history. Providing Real-Time information when needed

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Customizable Onboarding

Pruuvn BTS is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows companies to develop their own workflows for onboarding. Without any additional customized coding. Our system gives you the flexibility to request and collect specific documents you want, input questionnaires, training videos, etc...

  • Modular design for maximum flexibility

  • Ease of Use - Drag, and Drop

  • Video | Image | Audio  Uploads


Compliance & Risk Managment 


Criminal | Drug | Driving | Credit History Checks

Pruuvn offers comprehensive and customizable screening packages on potential employees, volunteers, and customers. With the ability to return many results instantly.  

*We also offer continuous monitoring on Criminal and Driving Records.

Insurance Verification & Monitoring

Pruuvn offers insurance verification and monitoring services in an array of areas (COI, Auto....etc). We do this through Pruuvn BTS and Partnerships.

Credentialing & Licensure Verification

Pruuvn offers verification services on individuals and businesses on multiple credentials and licensure. Pruuvn has the ability to work with you on a solution to verify uncommon credentials as well.  

Community Engagement

Pruuvn understands that not all credentials and forms of recognition are formally introduced. Thats why we developed an ability to track community engagement that someone performs. 

Work History

Pruuvn offers work history verification services. Once the records are with Pruuvn they can be accessed at ondemand with permission from owner.

Health Records

What's unique with the Pruuvn BTS is its use of Blockchain Technology. This technology provides security thats exceeds the standards of HIPPA and GDRP. Allowing Pruuvn to collect, verify, and store medical records (i.e. COVID) for owners use. 

With many of the records we have the ability to: 

Collect | Verify | Maintain | Monitor| Update

Please contact us to let us know how we can develop a solution and or package that works for you. 




Search our market place for the verified staff or post a gig to have candidates apply.

At the Supermarket

We lower the cost of your most valuable asset    PEOPLE

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Reduce Time, Cost, And Effort

Because we have verified and maintain our Pros backgrounds, credentials, and work histories in Real-Time. We reduce your bottom line. 

Staff Up And Down As Needed

We know that predicting staffing levels can be hard. That's why we help you maintain those relationships to quickly hire our Pros back.

Meeting the Staff
In Good Hands

Credible & Reliable Talent

Pruuvn Pros have proven themselves as reliable and trustworthy, so don't rely only on words, we verify this through multiple sources.


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