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Start Earning Money Faster. 

With a Pruuvn Premium membership, you get instant access to jobs with our partner employers, benefits, freedom, and flexibility through controlled access to your personal information   

What you get for signing up with Pruuvn

  • Instant Access to Partner Platforms   

  • Instant Access to On-Demand Jobs     

  • Reduced Job Onboarding Cost            

  • Private Data Managment                            

  • Access to Affordable Portable  Benefits                                               

  • Access to Promotional Financial Products/Services


Offer details at the bottom of the page*

*We are currently seeking to signup independent service providers to the platform during our beta phase of the application. Participants will signup for a free Pruuvn account where they will upload and input all pertinent and relevant information required to obtain contract employment with our partner employers. Participants will need to upgrade to Pruuvn's Premium plan at the promotional rate of $14.99 mth upon initial hire. This covers the cost of screening, benefits, and feature access on the platform. This pricing will stay in effect until 3 months after the trial period where it will then return to normal pricing of $27.99 mth. You have the option to downgrade at any time based on terms and conditions.   

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