Committed to Building a Secure and Trustworthy World

Our Story

About Us

Pruuvn’s journey began with a vision to revolutionize the way trust, safety, and compliance are managed in the digital age. Founded on principles of transparency, security, and user empowerment, we have grown into a leader in our field, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and AI to deliver unparalleled solutions.


2017 : Pruuvn founded
2018 : Launch of the MVP
2019 : Introduction of enterprise grade platfrom
2022 : Introduction of AI-powered compliance monitoring
2023 : Expanded services to cover more industries
2024 : Achieved industry leadership in blockchain-based compliance solutions

Our value
  • Trust: Building and maintaining trust with our clients and partners is at the core of everything we do.
  • Transparency: We believe in open and transparent operations, ensuring all stakeholders are informed and confident in our processes.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards, delivering reliable and consistent results.
  • Security: We prioritize the security of our clients’ data, using advanced technologies to protect and manage sensitive information.
  • Economic Mobility: We are committed to fostering upward economic mobility for individuals through our innovative solutions.


To be the global leader in trust, safety, and compliance solutions, creating a secure and transparent world for businesses and individuals.



Our mission is to empower businesses and individuals to build trust, ensure safety, and achieve upward economic mobility through innovative, reliable, and comprehensive compliance solutions. We leverage advanced technologies to provide secure, transparent, and user-centric services that foster strong, trustworthy relationships.

Leadership Team

Empowering Innovation and Trust through Strategic Leadership

Bryan Hobbs


Bryan Hobbs is the founder of Pruuvn, dedicated to enhancing trust and compliance through innovative technology. With a focus on transparency and accountability, he aims to drive business growth and empower clients, fostering upward economic mobility.

Marcus Shute


Marcus Shute is the COO of Pruuvn, bringing a wealth of experience in operational excellence and strategic leadership. He is dedicated to fostering innovation and ensuring seamless execution, driving the company’s mission to enhance trust and compliance in various industries.