Industry Solutions


Gig Economy

Ensuring the safety and trust of gig workers with real-time compliance and verification.

Features: Continuous background checks, Real-time identity verification, Flexible API integrations for gig platforms



Enhancing security and compliance for financial institutions blockchain technology.

Features: Immutable transaction records, Automated compliance reporting, Secure data storage



Streamlining compliance and trust verification in the healthcare sector.

Features: Credential verification for healthcare professionals, Compliance with healthcare regulations (e.g., HIPAA), Secure patient data management

Platforms Community

Platforms & Communities

Providing secure and compliant environments for online platforms and communities.

Features: Workforce verification and compliance, Training and certification tracking, Safety compliance monitoring

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Ensuring compliance and safety in the transportation industry

Features: Real-time compliance monitoring, Credential verification for operators, Integration with management systems

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More Industries

Explore how we serve other industries with our customizable solutions.

Features: Tailored compliance solutions for unique industry needs, Scalable services for businesses of all sizes, Integration with existing systems and workflows