Revolutionizing Trust, Safety, and Compliance through Advanced Technology

Empowering Trusted Relationships through Verified Credentials


Security and Trust

At Pruuvn®, we prioritize the highest level of security and trust using advanced blockchain and AI technologies.

  • Cutting-edge blockchain and AI technology
  • Continuous monitoring for up-to-date protection
  • Immutable records for data security
User Empowerment Custom Training

User Empowerment
& Custom Training

Our Trust Center empowers users to control their data, ensuring privacy, and provides custom training solutions.

  • Complete control over your data
  • Privacy and security ensured
  • Custom onboarding and training solutions
Innovative Compliance Revenue Growth

Innovative Compliance & Revenue Growth

Pruuvn’s platform automates compliance and provides real-time updates, helping you stay ahead and drive revenue growth.

  • Automated compliance checks
  • Real-time updates and predictive analytics
  • Platform capabilities that boost compliance and drive revenue growth
Who we are

What is Pruuvn?

Pruuvn® is a leading provider of trust, safety, and compliance management solutions, leveraging advanced technologies such as blockchain and AI. We empower both individuals and companies to showcase their trustworthiness and ensure safety through secure, transparent, and customizable compliance services.

Why Trust, Safety, and Compliance Matter

In today's interconnected world, trust, safety, and compliance are paramount. Businesses and individuals must demonstrate their reliability, adhere to safety standards, and meet regulatory requirements to build strong, secure relationships. These elements foster loyalty, ensure legal and ethical standards are met, minimize risks, and protect reputations.

Purpose of Trust Centers

Our Trust Centers are user-controlled platforms where individuals and businesses can manage their trust credentials. By giving users control over their data, Pruuvn® ensures privacy, security, and compliance with modern data regulations. Trust Centers facilitate seamless verification processes, enabling trusted relationships and efficient operations

Types of Safety & Compliance Solutions

  • Identity Management and Verifications 
  • Comprehensive Background Checks
  • Licensure, Certification, Verification and Monitoring
  • Safety Screening
  • DOT Qualification Files
  • Insurance Verification and Monitoring
  • Customizable Compliance Solutions
  • Employment Verification
  • Health and Safety Compliance
  • Data Privacy Compliance
  • Contract Compliance
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Vehicle Compliance
  • Vendor Visitor Managment

Leading the Way in Digital Assurance

Setting the standard for trust and compliance in the virtual world

2200+ Businesses Served

Trusted by over 500 businesses across various industries

10,000+ Compliance Checks Completed

Ensuring industry standards and regulatory compliance.

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Real-Time Monitoring
1 Million+ Hours Saved
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Key Differentiators

User-Controlled Trust Center

Empowerment : Pruuvn® allows users to control their data and trust credentials, managing who has access to their information.

Versatile API Integration

Seamless Integration : The Pruuvn APIs allow companies to integrate trust verification services effortlessly into their existing systems.

Comprehensive Compliance Solutions

End-to-End Services : Pruuvn® offers end-to-end compliance solutions, including continuous monitoring, training, and reporting.

Industries We Serve:


Gig Economy

Ensuring the safety and trust of gig workers with real-time compliance and verification.



Enhancing security and compliance for financial institutions through blockchain technology.



Streamlining compliance and trust verification in the healthcare sector.

Platforms Community

Platforms & Communities

Providing secure and compliant environments for online platforms and communities.

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Ensuring compliance and safety in the transportation industry

trade (1)

More Industries

Explore how we serve other industries with our customizable solutions.

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Technology Highlight

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security: Immutable Records, Decentralized Storage
Increased Transparency and Trust: Traceability, Verification

AI Integration

Real-Time Compliance Monitoring: Continuous Updates, Predictive
Automated Processes: Efficiency, Consistency

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